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Center for Molecular Cardiology


Welcome to the Center for Molecular Cardiology!


The Center for Molecular Cardiology situated in the Campus Schlierenis co-headed by Prof. T.F. Lüscher and Prof. G.G. Camici and is part of the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich.

Photo: UZH-Campus-Schlieren
The CMC Team

The Center is composed by several research groups each focusing on different aspects of translational research in cardiovascular physiology. In particular, the group led by Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying myocardial infarction; the group headed by Prof. Giovanni G. Camici studies the pathogenesis of vascular aging and stroke with particular emphasis on aging, inflammation and free radicals; the group led by Prof. Jürg Beer investigates the cardioprotective effects of alpha linolenic acid and platelets; the group of Prof. Cathérine Gebhard focuses on the role of sex and gender on cardiovascular disease while the group of PD Dr. Simon Stämpfli is interested in cardiac amyloidosis and arterial thrombosis.

CMC Campus
Campus Schlieren, University of Zurich.

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The Center for Molecular Cardiology fully supports the official ESC statement.

The cardiovascular research laboratory was first founded in the early nineties at the University & University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland by Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher. Currently, the Center for Molecular Cardiology (CMC), led by Prof. Giovanni G. Camici and Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher, counts 10 research groups with specific focuses spanning across the wide spectrum of key topics in cardiovascular research. Owing to the outstanding contribution made by the scientists working at the CMC over the last decades, knowledge of the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disorders has increased considerably, leading to improved health care quality. We wish you an enjoyable time as you peruse our brochure focusing on cardiovascular research which indeed, is a matter very close to our hearts. For the benefit of future patients, we would like to take you along this exciting journey. Read the full brochure