The Center for Molecular Cardiology is co-headed by Prof. Lüscher and Prof. Camici, and is closely associated with the University Heart Center Zurich.

Photo: UZH-Campus-Schlieren
The CMC Team

The Center is composed by several research groups each focusing on different aspects of translational research in cardiovascular physiology. In particular, the group led by Prof. Thomas Lüscher focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying myocardial infarction; the group led by Prof. Christian Matter focuses on atherothrombosis research and translates these findings to the clinical context in patients with acute coronary syndromes; the group headed by Prof. Giovanni Camici studies the pathogenesis of vascular aging and stroke with particular emphasis on aging of systemic vs cerebral arteries; the group led by Prof. Jürg Beer investigates the cardioprotective effects of alpha linolenic acid and platelets; the group of PD Dr. Sokrates Stein explores immunometabolic mechanisms in atherogenesis; and the group of Prof. Francesco Paneni studies the function of epigenetic regulators in cardiovascular disease.

CMC Campus
Campus Schlieren, University of Zurich.