Job opportunities

At the CMC we are always interested in supporting grant applications by competitive candidates who look for a host lab. Several funding opportunities exist at the Swiss National Science Foundation or at the European Research Council.

If you have a competitive CV, an attractive research concept in the field of cardiovascular research and you are looking for an internationally renowned host laboratory, feel free to contact us and we will consider supporting you in your application procedure.

Post-Doctoral Position (Ph.D., M.D., oder Dr. pharm.)

available in our Platelet Research Group embedded in the Molecular Cardiology of the University of Zürich at the Wagi-Campus in Schlieren/ZH, Switzerland, starting 01.07.2019 or by appointment.

Our research is supported by the Swiss National Foundation of Science and the Swiss Heart Foundation in close collaboration with the Molecular Cardiology of the University of Zurich (Prof. Th Lüscher, Prof G. Camici). Research topics include the structure and function of platelet receptors, esp. GPIb, the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on platelet structure, function, and –aging. Endothelial cells, coagulation and  inflammation/inflammaging; flow imaging techniques; cardiovascular outcome models of stroke and and of myocardial dysfunction; translational research in national cohorts of thromboembolism and atrial fibrillation. Prior experience in experimental hematology, cardiology and stroke models is desirable, but not conditional. Communication- and collaborative skills are essential.

Please send application letter incl. CV and list of publications by mail to:

Prof. Dr. J. H. Beer, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Laboratory for Platelet Research
Cardiovascular Physiology
University of Zurich/Switzerland

Professor of Medicine, Vice-CEO
Head of the Department of Medicine
Cantonal Hospital of Baden
CH-5404 Baden, Switzerland
Tel. (++41) 56 486 25 02
Fax (++41) 56 486 25 09