Job opportunities

At the CMC we are always interested in supporting grant applications by competitive candidates who look for a host lab. Several funding opportunities exist at the Swiss National Science Foundation or at the European Research Council.

If you have a competitive CV, an attractive research concept in the field of cardiovascular research and you are looking for an internationally renowned host laboratory, feel free to contact us and we will consider supporting you in your application procedure.

PhD or MD-PhD student position available

Institute, Seminar, Clinic / Institute, Department, Clinic
Center for Molecular Cardiology, University of Zurich

Department Description / Description of UZH unit
The Center for Molecular Cardiology (CMC) is co-headed by Prof. Lüscher and Prof. Camici, and is closely associated with the University Heart Center of the University Hospital of Zurich. The CMC is composed by several research groups each focusing on different aspects of translational research in cardiovascular physiology. In particular, the group led by Prof. Thomas Lüscher focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying myocardial infarction as well as HDL dysfunction; the group led by Prof. Christian Matter focuses on atherothrombosis in genetically modified mice and translates these findings to the clinical context in patients with acute coronary syndromes; the group headed by Prof. Giovanni Camici studies the pathogenesis of vascular aging and stroke with particular emphasis on aging of systemic vs cerebral arteries; the group led by Prof. Gebhard focuses on gender medicine while the group directed by Prof Paneni studies cardiovascular epigenetics; the team headed by Prof. Urs Eriksson studies the mechanisms of heart-specific autoimmunity and progression of postinflammatory cardiomyopathy; the group led by Prof. Jürg Beer investigates the cardioprotective effects of alpha linolenic acid and platelets; and the group of Dr. Sokrates Stein explores molecular pathways that affect the development of chronic cardiovascular diseases.

We are offering a position of PhD Candidate with either a MSc or an MD degree. This position is available starting from January 2020 within the research group of Prof G Camici, director of the CMC under the supervision of Dr M Luciani. The candidate will work on the field of cardiovascular aging with a focus on protein misfolding both on a single cell level as well as in vivo models.
Some previous research experience is required. Theoretical knowledge as well as practical proficiency in common molecular and cell biology techniques and in vitro assays (Western Blot, qPCR, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry) are preferred. Cell culture with different cell lines is expected and small animals handling and working with other members of the lab is envisaged.
During the course of doctoral studies, the candidate will acquire deep knowledge on cardiovascular diseases and their relationship with aging and protein misfolding as a driving mechanism of senescence. Additionally, the candidate will gain and eventually master techniques based on projects’ progress.  Protocols, licenses, abstracts and grants writing will be part of the core duties of this position.
During the course of the training, the candidate is expected to attend courses within the compulsory frame of education provided by the University of Zurich.

Employment level / workload in%

Requirements / Qualifications

  • MSc or MD
  • At least 1 year of previous laboratory experience
  • Well organised, good communication skills and teamwork as well as individual work

Language skills
Fluent spoken and written English, German language competency is a plus .

Computer skills
Familiarity with Microsoft Office package applications; experience with statistical package softwares is a appreciated.

We offer
We offer you the possibility to work in an internationally recognised cardiovascular research center. You will receive intense professional training in all the methods you are expected to learn and you will be part of a competitive group of international scientists. The CMC offers solid salaries in line with the regulations of the University of Zurich.

Further information

Please send your application with CV, motivation letter, and at least one contact reference as a single PDF file to Prof. Giovanni Camici and Dr. Marco Luciani, subject line/keyword "application for PhD or MD/PhD position". This position will be available as of 01.01.2020 or by appointment.

Post-Doctoral Position (Ph.D., M.D., oder Dr. pharm.)

available in our Platelet Research Group embedded in the Molecular Cardiology of the University of Zürich at the Wagi-Campus in Schlieren/ZH, Switzerland, starting 01.07.2019 or by appointment.

Our research is supported by the Swiss National Foundation of Science and the Swiss Heart Foundation in close collaboration with the Molecular Cardiology of the University of Zurich (Prof. Th Lüscher, Prof G. Camici). Research topics include the structure and function of platelet receptors, esp. GPIb, the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on platelet structure, function, and –aging. Endothelial cells, coagulation and  inflammation/inflammaging; flow imaging techniques; cardiovascular outcome models of stroke and and of myocardial dysfunction; translational research in national cohorts of thromboembolism and atrial fibrillation. Prior experience in experimental hematology, cardiology and stroke models is desirable, but not conditional. Communication- and collaborative skills are essential.

Please send application letter incl. CV and list of publications by mail to:

Prof. Dr. J. H. Beer, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Laboratory for Platelet Research
Cardiovascular Physiology
University of Zurich/Switzerland

Professor of Medicine, Vice-CEO
Head of the Department of Medicine
Cantonal Hospital of Baden
CH-5404 Baden, Switzerland
Tel. (++41) 56 486 25 02
Fax (++41) 56 486 25 09