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Artificial intelligence-based GRACE 3.0 calculator launched


In their recent article published in the world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, Florian A. Wenzl and Thomas F. Lüscher together with their team in Switzerland and the United Kingdom provide novel insights on artificial intelligence-based risk prediction and release the web link of the official GRACE 3.0 online calculator. GRACE 3.0 integrates the prognostic information of previous score versions while providing additional predictive value by leveraging a supervised machine-learning algorithm which was trained and externally validated in one of the largest studies on risk prediction in acute coronary syndromes to date. The score was derived from over 27-times more patients than previous risk models and, for the first time, accounts for non-linear relationships as well as for sex-differences in the risk factor profile. This way, GRACE 3.0 achieves unprecedented predictive performance that allows for more accurate patient stratification according to the individual baseline risk at presentation. The online tool is free of charge and now available for clinical use. Kudos to their contribution to global health.



Presentation at the ESC Congress 2022 by Florian A. Wenzl

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GRACE 3.0 web calculator