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  • Improved Detection of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

  • Rising stars in cardiology: Florian A. Wenzl

  • Best Publication Award: Congratulations to Dr. Kangmin Yang

  • AI for Women with Heart Attack

  • Mental Stress and Inflammation in Women

  • Poster Award: Congratulations to Dr. Yustina M. Puspitasari

  • Oral Presentation Award: Congratulations to Dr. Stefano Ministrini

  • Unravelling Cardiac Sarcoidosis

  • Screening and prevention in congenital heart disease: Whom, when, and how?

  • Effects of SARS-COV-2 infection on outcomes in patients hospitalized for acute cardiac conditions

  • Towards personalized cardiovascular care: GRACE 3.0 score heralds artificial intelligence era

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cardiovascular Disease

  • London Shock 2023

  • GA GDF-11

    Circulating GDF11 exacerbates myocardial injury

  • AI & Deep Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Health Technologies

  • AI & Deep Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Wittgenstein beats Plato

  • Robert L. Frye lecturer

    Back to the cradle: Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher is declared Robert L. Frye lecturer at the Mayo Clinic

  • Robert L. Frye lecturer

    In a Nutshell: Acute Coronary Syndromes in Women and Men

  • YIA Wenzl

    Winner of the European Society of Cardiology Young Investigator Award 2023 in Clinical Science: Congratulations to Dr. Florian A. Wenzl!

  • YIA Vidya

    Winner of the European Society of Cardiology Young Investigator Award 2023 in Basic Science: Congratulations to Dr. Srividya Velagapudi!

  • DPP3

    Circulating Dipeptidyl Peptidase 3 Predicts Cardiogenic Shock and Mortality in Acute Coronary Syndromes

  • Carnitines

    Acylcarnitines as Novel Biomarkers in Patients Presenting with Acute Coronary Syndromes

  • Something to think about - Viewpoint of Thomas F. Lüscher

  • SIRT1 and Vascular Function

    Chronic SIRT1 supplementation in diabetic mice improves endothelial function by suppressing oxidative stress


    Extent of Myocardial Injury Determines Risk in Acute Coronary Syndromes

  • CVM E-book

    New: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine E-book

  • Platelet Research Icon

    Call for Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • esci-23

    Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher has been awarded the Albert Struyveberg Medal: Congratulations!

  • ath-23

    Low-density lipoprotein quality determines mortality risk in patients with acute coronary syndromes

  • jth-gdf15

    Growth differentiation factor-15 and prediction of cancer-associated thrombosis and mortality

  • ssc-research-prize

    Research Prize of the Swiss Society of Cardiology 2023: Congratulations to Simon Kraler

  • sbp-graphical-abstract

    SSC/SSCS Abstract Prize 2023: Congratulations to Stefano Ministrini

  • sbp-graphical-abstract

    Occlusion of the infarct-related coronary artery presenting as acute coronary syndrome with and without ST-elevation

  • sbp-graphical-abstract

    Takotsubo syndrome: getting closer to its causes

  • sbp-graphical-abstract

    Systolic blood pressure and outcomes in acute coronary syndromes

  • JACC-lean_mass

    Clinical and Prognostic Relevance of Cardiac Wasting in Patients With Advanced Cancer


    Sudden Cardiac Death of an Unusual Kind: Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection in Young Women


    Going backwards: Lifestyle in younger cardiac patients

  • VITA

    Long noncoding RNA signatures predict diabetes years in advance

  • FAN

    FAN Award for Medicine and Natural Sciences: Congratulations to Florian Wenzl!


    They eat what we eat, they digest what we ingest


    Network-guided multiomic mapping of aortic valve calcification


    Clinical implications of GRACE 3.0

  • TFL_CM23

    How to measure scientific productivity? A comment by Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher

  • Florian

    Artificial intelligence-based GRACE 3.0 calculator launched

  • Refining risk prediction by addressing residual thrombotic risk in patients with acute coronary syndromes: the A/I-ACS study

  • PD_AA

    Congratulations to Alexander Akhmedov for receiving the Venia Legendi from the University of Zurich

  • Sirt6_AIS

    Trimethylamine-N-oxide and cardiovascular risk in patients with atrial fibrillation

  • Sirt6_AIS

    Serum levels of sirtuin 6 predict mortality after acute ischaemic stroke

  • PDW_2022

    Albrecht von Haller Award 2022: Congratulations to Stefano Ministrini!

  • PDW_2022

    The molecular mechanism underlying a novel gene-trait linkage has been discovered: JCAD and acute coronary syndromes

  • PDW_2022

    Save the date: Cardiology Update London 2022

  • PDW_2022

    Effects of mTOR inhibition in patients with STEMI

  • PDW_2022

    Paul Dudley White International Award 2022

  • Covid19_vaccine

    Myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccine

  • UZH Magazin

    Rejuvenating the aged vasculature

  • Lancet - GRACE

    GRACE 3.0 revolutionizes risk prediction: the AI era has begun

  • CVR - SGLT2i

    Effects of SGLT2 inhibition on arterial thrombosis

  • Stämpfli

    Welcome PD Dr. med. Simon Stämpfli

  • Top Scientists - Switzerland

    Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher is among the top 3 Swiss scientists

  • EHJ - ACS and sLOX-1

    Nitric oxide signalling in calcific aortic valve disease

  • PhD defense

    Congratulations Era Gorica!

  • EHJ - ACS and sLOX-1

    A novel biomarker that originates from an endothelial scavenger receptor was found to by highly predictive for fatal events and plaque progression in patients with ACS

  • JACC - inflamm-aging

    Inflamm-aging in cardiovascular health and disease

  • EHJ - Long-COVID

    Long COVID: post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 with a cardiovascular focus

  • Albrecht von Haller Young Investigator Award

  • CVR - MMP2

    Apabetalone-mediated BET Inhibition Rescues Diabetes-induced Impairment of Angiogenic Response

  • Scientists on the Spot: Cardiovascular ageing and stroke

  • CVR - MMP2

    MMP-2 knockdown attenuates age-dependent carotid stiffness

  • EHJ - TFL antithrombotic management

    Calcific aortic valve disease: from mechanisms towards a medical therapy

  • SS - iSience

    Dietary omega-3 fatty acid supplementation alleviates ageing-associated platelet hyperreactivity and thrombotic potential

  • EHJ - TFL antithrombotic management

    Are wine, chocolate, and coffee forbidden joys?

  • EHJ - TFL antithrombotic management

    Towards personalized antithrombotic management

  • Frontiers - metabolic CM

    Inflammation in metabolic cardiomyopathy


    Novel murine model of hypercholesterolemia


    Editorial on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

  • IMA_Kraler

    Cardio Epigenetics Chromatin Meeting

  • Cardiology Update Davos 2021

    Swiss Cardiology in the European Showcase

  • AI in CVD

    Artificial intelligence: the stairway to better medicine?

  • Albrecht von Haller young Investigator Award

    Albrecht von Haller Young Investigator Award

  • IMA_Kraler

    Congratulations to Giovanni G. Camici for Receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award 2021

  • IMA_Kraler

    The Internal Mammary Artery and its Resilience to Atherogenesis

  • omega 3

    European Atherosclerosis Society Young Investigator Fellowship 2021

  • omega 3

    The first blood biomarker to distinguish between myocarditis and acute myocardial infarction

  • omega 3

    Leveraging Clinical Epigenetics for the Therapy of HFpEF

  • omega 3

    Multi-Omics Approaches to Define Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Pathogenesis

  • omega 3

    Plant-Derived Omega-3-Fatty-Acid to Improve Outcome after Stroke?

  • Akhmedov RA and LOX-1

    The Spectrum of ACS: Towards a More Personalized Approach

  • Akhmedov RA and LOX-1

    LOX-1: A Crucial Driver of Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • LL

    Modulatory Role of Cytokines on Atherosclerosis, Myocardial Infarction, and Stroke

  • Day of Clinical Research: The Best Abstract Award Goes to Yustina Puspitasari

  • PDW

    Cells-MDPI Poster Prize, LS2 Annual e-Meeting 2021

  • inside cardiology

    The microbiome and its implication in atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases

  • PDW

    The long and winding road to target protein misfolding in cardiovascular diseases

  • PDW

    Scientific integrity: what a journal can and cannot do

  • PDW

    Prof. Paneni's team received the prestigious Paul Dudley White International Scholar Prize awarded by the American Heart Association

  • Prof_Giovanni_Camici

    SIRT5 promotes arterial thrombosis by modulating fibrinolysis through endothelial PAI-1 expression

  • esc young investigator

    Congratulations to Samuele Ambrosini!

  • Ars Docendi

    Ars Docendi 2020

  • Gender-based Differences in COVID-19

  • cardio pulse

    Keeping it in the Family

  • The ESC Board 2020–2022

  • Sam epi_review

    New editor-in-chief of the European Heart Journal 2020

  • Sam epi_review

    The Role of the Vascular Epigenome in Obesity-induced Vascular Dysfunction

  • Sam epi_review

    Will novel pharmaceutical approaches target epigenetic networks?

  • Circ luca il-1alpha

    Lessons learned from recent clinical trials: Is the inflammasome the new cholesterol?

  • Circ luca il-1alpha

    Anti-inflammatory treatment after ischemic stroke as a novel therapeutic approach?

  • Congratulations to Samuele Ambrosini and Srividya Velagapudi, who won research fellowships from the University of Zurich

  • apelin

    Apelin - a potential therapy for COVID-19?

  • vascular epigenome

    Novel findings suggest that angiogenesis and arteriogenesis can be stimulated by the NO-donor MPC-1011 in a model of hindlimb ischemia

  • vascular epigenome

    A review article on the vascular epigenome in patients with obesity and diabetes. A new avenue for personalised medicine?

  • Prof_Giovanni_Camici

    Prof. Giovanni G. Camici was awarded the Swiss Heart Foundation Research Prize 2020 – Congratulations!

  • sokratesstein

    Farewell to PD Dr. Sokrates Stein!

  • oppi-taheri

    Farewell and good luck Dr. Sara Oppi!

  • landmesser-2020

    Check out this new review about innovative nucleic acid-based therapies for cardiovascular diseases!

  • ljhib

    A minireview article about ageing and longevity genes published in the BCPT journal.

  • shafeeq2020

    How can epigenetics regulate the mitochondrial function in our vascular system? Check it out in this new review article from Mohammed & Costantino!

  • Congratulation to Luca Liberale, who received a Young Investigator Fellowship from the European Atherosclerosis Society!

  • luca-ehj-2020

    A new review article on inflammaging by Luca Liberale and colleagues was published in the Eur Heart J.

  • PMV-crea

    Prof. Filippo Crea was the first speaker of the newly established Paul M. Vanhoutte Tribute Lecture at the Center for Molecular Cardiology.

  • candela-2020

    A new study demonstrates that Apold1 deficiency associates with increased arterial thrombosis formation

  • vienna-eas

    Sokrates Stein was selected as a Young Fellow of the EAS Programme

  • oppi-taheri-phd-2019

    Congratulations to Sara Oppi and Amy Taheri for defending their PhD theses!

  • jmc-lib

    A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine suggests that interleukin-1β promotes the release of NET-associated tissue factor in arterial thrombosis

  • dudley-paneni

    Prof. Paneni's team receives the Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award from the American Heart Association.

  • ehj-vanhoutte

    In a special section of the European Heart Journal, Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher highlights the great achievements of Prof. Paul M. Vanhoutte (1940–2019).

  • vanhoutte

    In a special communication published in Cardiovascular Medicine, Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher highlights the great achievements of Paul Vanhoutte, who passed away this year.

  • lib-endosirt6

    In a new published study Luca Liberale & colleagues show that endothelial SIRT6 blunts stroke size and neurological deficit by preserving blood -brain barrier integrity

  • oppi_takehome

    Co-Repressing Atherosclerosis! Sara Oppi & colleagues demonstrate how macrophage NCOR1 exerts atheroprotective functions.

  • luca-thr

    Congratulations to Luca Liberale and Sarah Costantino for their achievements during the ESC Congress 2019

  • lucaca

    New review article on vascular aging in atherosclerotic plaque development and vulnerability

  • textbook-award

    The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine wins the 2019 Award of the British Medial Association

  • g-t

    Leaders in Cardiovascular Research: Tomasz Guzik interviews Thomas Lüscher

  • tfl_katus

    Cardiology Update Davos highlighted in Cardiovascular Medicine

  • luca_barjac

    Congratulation to Luca, who won the Prix "De Barjac" during the annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry

  • VanhouttePM

    In memory of Paul M. Vanhoutte

  • laborjournal

    Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher among the top 30 most cited cardiovascular scientists in German speaking countries.

  • Farewell to Lisa Pasterk, Stefanie Nusser-Stein, Jürgen Pahla, Sara Gobatto and Dalila Korkmaz

  • Farewell to Lisa Pasterk, Stefanie Nusser-Stein, Jürgen Pahla, Sara Gobatto and Dalila Kormaz!

  • luca-price-ssc2019

    Congratulations to Luca Liberale, who won the prize for the best abstract in cardiovascular biology at the Swiss Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting 2019

  • pd-soki

    Sokrates Stein received the Venia Legendi from the Medical Faculty from the University of Zurich

  • Congratulations to Marco Luciani and Shafeeq Mohammed, who won research fellowships from the University of Zurich Forschungskredit.

  • oppi-frontiers-2019

    Wondering which model to use for your atherosclerosis studies? Then read this new minireview from Oppi et al.

  • liberale-2019

    Congratulations to Luca Liberale, who won the "Day of Clinical Research" prize for his work on endothelial SIRT6 in stroke!

  • bonetti-tnf-stroke

    Nicole Bonetti's work on stroke outcome upon TNF-α inhibition in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis was published!

  • lib-neutro

    A new review article describing the role of neutrophils in cardiovascular disease was published by Luca Liberale & Co.

  • camici

    Congratulations to Giovanni Camici, who was elected as a Board Member of the Swiss Cardiovascular Biology Working Group

  • oppi_2019_davos

    Congratulations to Sara Oppi, who won the 2nd best poster price at the Cardiology Update Course 2019!

  • poster-prize-Oppi

    Congratulation to Nicolle Bonetti and Sara Oppi, who won the AGLA update meeting prizes for their presentation and poster, respectively.

  • Welcome Dalila Korkmaz!

  • diaz_stroke_2019

    Stroke Cover and Farewell for Candela Diaz-Cañestro!

  • costantino_2019_ehj

    A new study published in the EHJ by Paneni's group demonstrates how the activation of JunD promotes metabolic cardiomyopathy

  • Farewell to Elena Osto's group!

  • DVdovenko

    Congratulations to Daria, who won the Ralph Shabetai Young Investigators Award!

  • ostoelena

    Congratulation to Elena Osto, who received the prestigious PRIMA grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation!

  • zihp

    Prices at the 14th Symposium of the Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology (ZIHP): Congratulations to Daria Vdovenko and Anne Jomard!

  • esc2018

    Prices at the ESC 2018. Congratulations to Nicole Bonetti and Sarah Costantino!

  • Congratulations to Sarah Costantino, who received the Swiss Amgen Cardiology Award 2018.

  • constantino_ehj_2018_review

    Two reviews from Francesco Paneni's group about epigenetics in cardiovascular disease were published

  • constantino_ehj_2018

    A new study from Sarah Costantino, Francesco Paneni, Francesco Cosentino & colleagues about epigenetic modulators in obesity was published in the European Heart Journal

  • Osto_PD_2018

    Congratulations to Elena Osto, who received the Venia Legendi from the University of Zurich!

  • UL_TFL_2018

    Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher gave the honorable Werner Forssmann Lecture at the Charité, in Berlin, Germany.

  • Jagiellonian_TFL_2018

    Congratulations to Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher, who received the Medal of the Institute of Cardiology from the Jagiellonian University Medical College, in Kraków, Poland.

  • tfl-gold-medal-2018

    Congratulations to Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher, who received the Gold Medal of the Serbian Society of Heart Failure. Photo: Prof. Petr Seferovic, president of the society (left side) & Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher

  • liberale-ehj-2018

    Post-ischaemic administration of a mouse Canakinumab-analogue antibody improves experimental stroke outcome. Find out more about this exciting study from Luca Liberale, Giovanni Camici, and colleagues.

  • liberale-frontiers-2018

    Ischemic stroke across sexes: What is the status quo? Find it out in this new review article from Luca Liberale, Cathérine Gebhard, Giovanni Camici & colleagues.

  • diaz-2018

    Do you wonder what is the contribution of SIRT5 in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury? Find it out in this new paper from Candela Diaz-Cañestro & Giovanni Camici and colleagues.

  • Welcome Srividya Velagapudi

  • Welcome Marco Luciani

  • Welcome to Samuele Ambrosini and Yustina Puspitasari

  • Farewell to Margot Crucet, Daniel Gaul, and Mohammad Amrollahi

  • Congratulations to Martina Zarak!

  • geig2017

    Adipose tissue macropage polarization in cardiovascular disease

  • Farewell to Wino Wijnen

  • 20min-Gaul

    20 Minuten featuring Daniel Gaul as the head of the Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

  • stein-ehj17

    Tregs as the Trex in cardiovascular inflammation?

  • Doytcheva-2017

    A new study showing that inhibition on JNK2 improves endothelial dysfunction was published in Journal of the American Heart Association

  • Welcome Nazar Kuzo

  • Farewell to Branko Simic and Melroy Miranda

  • Gaul_PhD

    Congratulations to Daniel Gaul!

  • Welcome to Lisa Parterk

  • Congratulations to Mark Filipovic from Jürg Beer’s team

  • Farewell to Simona Stivala

  • Simona_2017

    A new study analyzing the effect of Amotosalen/UVA exposure on platelet function was published

  • Welcome to Mohammad Amrollahi

  • Luca2017

    An article on inflammation and bariatric surgery

  • Const_Paneni_Diabetes_2017

    A study describing the impact of chromatin remodelling on endothelial dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes

  • Candela-Best-Abstract

    Congratulations to Candela, who won the best abstract award at the Swiss Society of Cardiology Congress.

  • camici-cardiopulse

    Aging: the next cardiovascular disease?

  • Gaul-Cardiopulse-2017

    Neutrophils and extracellular traps in cardiovascular disease

  • TheAgingCVSystem

    The Aging Cardiovascular System

  • Welcome Shafeeq Mohammed and Stefanie Nusser-Stein

  • DanielGaul

    Daniel Gaul receives the award for the best talk at the AGLA & CVBG meeting

  • SteinJCI2017

    A study describing a novel mechanism for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) was published

  • ElenaOsto

    Elena Osto received the AGLA-Swiss lipid research award 2016

  • Simic2017Atherosclerosis

    A new study on CETP inhibition & endothelial function

  • XinminLiEHJ2017

    A new clinical paper about trimethylamine N-oxide and the risks of incident cardiovascular events was published

  • Two new studies published about the antithrombotic properties of ticagrelor

  • New paper about JNK2 & cigarette smoke-induced thrombosis

  • New Assistant Professors - Congratulations to Dr. Camici and Dr. Paneni